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Fantasy SMS is simpified and customised for Mobile devices, hence can be used on any platform. We let you know how much credit you will spend before sending your bulk sms.


Invalid contacts are automatically cleaned even before the message is sent. Store and customise your Contacts/Group contacts with your account. All sms are instant


User Accounts, contacts and messages are all encrypted securely and stored. Hence only you can access your stuff. Customer support is always ready at any time of the day.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Pay

Send Money to any of our Numbers below. Make sure, in "reference" or "reason" screen, you type your username or phone number that you registered with in our site. MTN: +256-777-276063 or Airtel: +256-200-902285. Payment will be reflected in your account in less than 15 minutes

Can I Save Grouped Contacts?

Yes, Fantasy SMS Ug has a phonebook manager which helps you to save individual and grouped contacts. You can quickly import your grouped contacts into your messaging page.

Can I View My Recharge & Message History?

Yes, Fantasy SMS Ug has a messaging and transaction log which helps see how much you've credited and how you have been using the credits. Your message history is exclusive to only you.

Will I be able to remove invalid and duplicate contacts?

Yes, Fantasy SMS Ug automatically cleans out your contacts and removes the invalid numbers just before the message is sent.